Benefits of Rent-to-Own Storage Units

Having a storage unit in your backyard is an incredibly useful and convenient way to store seasonal decor, large outdoor equipment, and any other items that you aren’t regularly using so as not to create clutter in your home or garage. If you are starting to feel your home is getting overloaded with non-essential and not frequently used things, it might be time to consider a storage unit.

In the past, you pretty much had two options when it came to paying for a storage unit: you could either rent it until you no longer needed it, or buy it outright and own it forever. Shed Solutions offers the ability to rent the unit for a fixed amount of time, and then you can own it at the end of that period.

In short, rent-to-own is a rental storage unit with the option to purchase.


Rather than rent a storage unit far from home, you can rent one and have it installed in your backyard. If you have space in your yard to do so, it’s a no-brainer given how convenient it is.

It’s up to you how you’d like to use it. You don’t have to limit yourself to putting outdoor tools and machinery just because it’s in your backyard. It can house your children’s sports equipment, supplies for your summer beach trips, the possibilities are endless and it’s completely up to you how to best utilize your storage unit.

The best part is if the rent-to-own option suits you, at the end of your contract, the unit is yours for life and it’s in your backyard.


Shed Solutions offers a great amount of flexibility with their rent-to-own option. Not only can you terminate your agreement at any time without penalty, but you can also pay it off early with no fees and no hassle.

If partway through your agreement you decide that you no longer wish to rent your unit, you have that option and you won’t pay any more than you already have.

On the flip-side, if, during your rental agreement you no longer wish to rent your storage unit and pay the remaining balance so you can own it outright without waiting until the agreement period is over, you also have that power. 

The rent-to-own option provides you with a lot of flexibility with how you want to pay for your shed. It will always start out as a rental, but you have the ability to pay it off early or stop renting it at any time.

Financial Security

When renting to own, you won’t be burdened by paying a lot of money up front. And for those that don’t have enough money or don’t feel comfortable paying it all once, the option to rent-to-own is perfect.

You can budget accordingly over the course of the agreement, which can be between two and four years in length. At the end of the agreement, you own it for life. You won’t have to worry about dipping into your savings all at once to own your unit, which is ideal for many homeowners who find it preferable to budget over a set period of time.

No Credit Check

For people with low credit scores, Shed Solutions is an excellent place to rent because we don’t need to check your credit score to qualify. So it’s a great opportunity to improve your credit score while making on-time payments.

You can stretch these payments out between two and four years so you’re able to find what works best for you and your budget, while not having to worry about not being approved to rent because of things like your credit score.

Shed Solutions not only provides outstanding service and unmatched quality, but we also provide ways to customize your own shed, garage, or barn to fit your preferred style and needs. With the rent-to-own option available as well, shopping with Shed Solutions gives customers great flexibility on all fronts. 


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