How to Keep Your Garage Clutter-Free All Year Round

You may notice that some seasons crowd and clutter your garage more than others. But the reality is that the same square footage exists all year round! Keeping this in mind, we’ve developed a few methods to help you maximize garage organization and storage no matter the time of year. 

Don’t forget that each of our garage storage units comes equipped with treated and notched floor systems, insulated vapor barriers, and high interior walls (in case you’re shopping around!).   

Fall and Winter Staples: Garage Storage Ideas

Store Outdoor and Patio Items While Leaving Room for the Snow Blower

Hanging rafters with overhead storage or strongly secured peg boards can be lifesavers for getting items up and off of the floor. This can be especially useful during cold weather, when outdoor furniture tends to come indoors for safe keeping. You can also use this idea to keep a clear path for the snowblower! 

Keep Fall Yard Work Tools and Rakes On Hand

Depending on the time of year, what you need easy access to in your garage will change. In autumn, try a handy hook system by the door to hang and organize lighter weight tools such as rakes and trash bags for leaf collection.   

Design a Space for Yourself: Home Office or Hangout Nook

If you are a remote worker, or simply need a space for yourself outside of the home from time to time, you can create a cozy nook or office space. Section off a corner or even up to half of your garage to achieve a multi-use feel. Use double-sided cubbies to optimize how you store tools for work and play. 

Spring and Summer: Entertainment and Sporting Considerations

Spring Cleaning: Show Off Your Cleaning Supplies

Multi-level shelving is also a wonderful idea to keep your regular and annual cleaning supplies visible but out of the way. Assign a season to each level to remind you of key maintenance tasks for cleaning your garage that should be completed on a monthly or quarterly basis.  

Summer Sports and Cookouts: Stay Organized and Entertained

Have kids involved in activities? You may know more than anyone how quickly the garage can fill up with soccer nets, hockey equipment or football pads. Invest in individual locker systems or create DIY bins and hooks for each player to call their own. 

Year-Round Bonuses: What’s Worth the Splurge Factor

Built-In Shelving Is a Lifesaver For Everyone

A carpenter or handy partner should be able to help you install sturdy, deeply set shelves with ease! If you plan to outsource the work, or set a target price to stay under, you should plan on setting aside about $1,000 or so. This can also help you create more room for car garage storage.

Look Down: Your Floor is as Important as Your Walls and Roofing

At the end of the day, one can easily overlook the importance of adding a higher grade, treated flooring system in your storage garage. Similarly to the benefit of investing in higher-end walls and doors, you can expect an added level of aesthetic beauty and extended product life. 

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