Things to Consider Before Buying Outdoor Storage Units

If you are considering every outdoor storage option available to you, there’s no question why many begin to feel overwhelmed when deciding which is the right one for them. Specifically, you can select from units such as barns and sheds, all the way up to cabins and garages. 

Here are the top factors you should consider when it comes down to choosing your next unit.

Don’t Let Trends Inform Your Decision If They Don’t Suit Your Needs

In case you needed to hear this, there is nothing wrong with allowing your own preferences and daily routines to inform which storage option you choose! 

Although fads are certainly fun and can be a great inspiration to tap into portable storage, you should be sure you end up with a unit that is designed for you and can last for years to come.

Which Types of Items Will You Be Storing?

One major informing factor to determine the type of storage you will need, is to think about the types of equipment, tools, or other items you will mostly be keeping in it.

If you have multiple kids playing different sports, a shed or lofted unit might be beneficial for layering the space you will have available to you. Track systems and bin storage can help to maximize space and keep everyone’s items separate. 

Are You Attracted to Hybrid Models, or Interested In Converting Your Unit Later?

An attractive option for many customers is to consider how to get the most out of your garden shed or portable cabin by converting its main use over time. If you buy a garden shed this year, there is nothing stopping you from converting it into a she-shed escape next summer!

Our cabins or sheds are both viable options if you are considering a hybrid she-shed or man-cave! Why not consider home office options while you are at it? Whatever you decide, rest assured our craftsman can make your dreams come true.

Creative Extras: Ideas for Polishing Your Converted Office

  1. DO be realistic about space - Think about the best and worst case scenarios, when it comes to having your unit solve your current storage woes. Will you need a garden shed that can also host a girl's book night? Or is a portable structure enough to get the clutter out of the living room to focus on your interior? 
  2. DON’T forget to consider your land placement - Because of the work that goes into choosing a portable storage unit, there’s no wonder that sometimes one can forget about the need to identify a suitable placement for the unit. Although we can make most of your dreams happen, we do need to work with the terrain and environment you have. 
  3. DO bring us your ideas, dreams, and “love to haves” - There’s a reason our expert craftsmen do what they do for a living. Even if you prefer to drive much of your next outdoor storage adventure yourself, we’re always here to help explain what else might be possible, or help you troubleshoot. We even have a 3D builder tool to help you design your perfect storage unit!

Locate a Country Cabins Dealer Near You or Get a Free Quote!

We can’t wait to talk to you about your next outdoor storage project. You can design your own layout or blueprint and bring it to our professionals to help you bring it to life. 

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