Windows & Doors


24" x 36" window with screen

These windows are a fast and affordable way to enhance any storage shed, garage, or cabin. The screen protects your structure’s interior from insects and debris, and, if you’re running power to the building, new windows can even save you between 7 and 15 percent on heating and cooling costs.


Transom Window

If you’re in search of an aesthetically-pleasing way to let more natural light into your shed, cabin, or garage, look no further than the Transom Window. These windows will beautifully accent the primary windows and doors in your structure for an affordable price.


Double Transom Window

The Double Transom Window is perfect for shedding natural light into the darker areas of your storage building, garage, or shed. These windows are typically installed above your building’s main windows and doors for an attractive, functional touch.


36" x 72" Wooden Door

Aside from having a natural aesthetic appeal, wooden doors help to keep temperatures consistent by insulating the space, and reduce noise inside a storage shed, garage, or cabin. Adding a wooden door is a quick way to upgrade your building at an affordable cost.

36" x 72" & 36" x 80" for $299.00

Steel Insulated Door 9-lite

Steel Insulated Doors are the most solid and durable doors that we offer, with a superior seal. Designed to withstand even the heaviest rains and strongest winds, these doors have a structural integrity that’s hard to beat. They are low-maintenance, too, since steel does not crack, chip, or rot.


72" x 72" Double Wooden Doors

Double Wooden Doors are an excellent choice for larger structures. These doors make moving bigger items in and out of your shed or cabin a breeze. Add a ramp, and you’ve got a hassle-free way to move lawn mowers, bikes, and more.